What Is Ivy Rendering In Angular 9? Learn with Example

Ivy Rendering – Latest Rendering Compiler

With the latest release of new version of Angular Framework i.e Angular 9, many developers are wondering what is Ivy Rendering and how it can be used to its full extent.  We will know about Ivy in detail further in the article but for now we can understand Ivy as Angular’s new internal build and render pipeline.

The renderer is the engine that takes the instructions you input into the Angular components with the templates and then translates them into instructions that change the DOM (Document Object Model). In earlier version it is used to be the viewEngine but from Angular 9, Ivy rendering engine is the default one.

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What Is Ivy Rendering in Angular 9 Framework

Angular Ivy engine is the new rendering architecture that comes, by default, with version Angular 9. The Angular rendering architecture is not new to a complete revamp, Angular 2.0, Angular 4.0 and now Angular 9.0 have introduced new compilers and run time engines.

One of the biggest challenges in developing the modern web applications is to make sure that are fast. Mobile devices unfortunately often suffer from a bad or slow internet connection and making this challenge even harder. This is the problem which can be easily solved with the help of Ivy Rendering Engine.

Ivy engine generated much smaller JavaScript bundles as compared to the previous Angular versions. Ivy will be a game-changer because it brings Angular applications to a whole new level in terms of performance and size. You can read more about angular Ivy in detail here.

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