What is services in AngularJS ?

Services in AngularJS

AngularJS services are the singleton objects or functions that are used for carrying out specific tasks. It holds some business logic and these functions can be called controllers, directive, filters and so on. Services can be inbuilt; AngularJS has around 30 plus inbuilt services and services can also be custom made as per the developer’s need.

How to use Services in AngularJS

For using AngularJS services, you can add it as a dependency for the component (controller, service, filter or directive) that depends on the service. AngularJS’s dependency injection subsystem takes care of the rest. Web application developers are free to define their own services by registering the service’s name and service factory function, with an AngularJS module.

How to create custom services in AngularJS

As mentioned above, you can create your own custom services. The service factory function generates the single object or function that represents the service to the rest of the application. The object or function returned by the service is injected into any component (controller, service, filter or directive) that specifies a dependency on the service.

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